Due to the current circumstances, the “World Sushi Skill Institute Seminar” & “Kuro-obi Workshop” in 2020 has been canceled.


● Introduction

The “World Sushi Skill Institute Seminar” & “Kuro-obi Workshop” is held for sushi chefs who are engaged in Japanese restaurant, cooks and culinary school students etc. around the world to learn the practical skills and techniques which is useful in their sushi making in the future.

In this seminar, the participants will learn intensively the skills and techniques that would be advantageous for a lifetime from lecturers Mr. Masayoshi Kazato, the Chairman of All Japan Sushi Association World Sushi Skills Institute; the Director General Mr. Ogawa Hirotoshi and sushi chefs from Japan Sushi Association, especially in making those uniquely Japanese’s sushi menus such as Akagai (Ark shell), Anago (Conger eel), Kohada (Gizzard shad), Aji (Horse mackeral) etc..

This seminar & workshop also serves as a qualifying round of the “WORLD SUSHI CUP® JAPAN 2019”, a place to test the true capability of sushi chefs around the world. “Nintei-Sho” (certificate) will be awarded by the World Sushi Skill Institute to participants according to their obtained level.

This is not only a valuable opportunity to receive direct training from the first-class sushi chefs but also a door of opportunity to “WORLD SUSHI CUP® JAPAN 2019”. We look forward to your participation.



● The “World Sushi Skill Institute Seminar” & “Kuro-obi Workshop”

Schedule World Sushi Skill Institute Seminar & Test
Aug.20, 2019 (Tue) 10:00 to 17:30
Kuro-obi Workshop
Aug.21, 2019 (Wed) 10:00 to 17:00
Kuro-obi Practical Test
Aug.22, 2019 (Thu) 10:45 to 17:00
Venue Tokyo Big Sight South Hall
At the venue of “The 21st Japan International Seafood & Technology Expo”
Target Sushi chef, chef engaged in Japanese restaurant,
culinary school students etc.
Lecture fees JPY50,000 (including food material costs)
* In case of participation in only Kuro-obi Workshop JPY30,000
Language Seminar is conducted in Japanese, and interpreted to English.
Privilege Participants will be awarded certificate according to their obtained level.
Admission Pre-registration system
Capacity 40 people *Please note that application will be closed once we reach full capacity.


● For inquiry

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