Hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery of Japan
WORLD SUSHI CUP® Special Event “International Sushi Workshop”
Event Information


To all foreigner chefs in Japan,


Due to COVID-19, it is difficult for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to host the “WORLD SUSHI CUP🄬” for overseas sushi chefs like every year, so this year we will hold the “International Sushi Workshop” as a special project for foreigners working in Japan. It is an opportunity for chefs engaged in restaurants, culinary schools’ lecturers, students, etc. to learn about sushi while experiencing it with the aim of deepening their awareness of Japanese food and food culture through sushi.
In this event, in addition to the sushi chefs from the Japan Sushi Environmental Health Federation, we have invited the “Sushi Evengelists” whom have guided and spread sushi knowledge in 50 countries around the world –Mr. Masayoshi Kazato, the representative director of All Japan Sushi Association Sushi Skill Institute and its Director General Mr. Ogawa Hirotoshi as lecturers. Participants will learn from the basics and at the same time experience tasting sushi that brings out the deliciousness of Japanese ingredients.
It is a valuable opportunity to receive direct guidance from top-notch sushi chefs. Why not take this opportunity to learn sushi cooking techniques? We look forward to your participation.



● Outline

Schedule 30th September 2020 (WED) 10:00 ~ 17:00
Venue The 22nd “Japan International Seafood Show” WSCJ Venue
(Tokyo Big Sight, South Hall)
Who can attend Chefs engaged in restaurants, cooking school instructors and students, people interested in sushi, etc. (Only for foreign nationals.)
Participation fee Free (pre-registration required)
Language Seminar will be conducted in Japanese with English Translation
Privilege Participants who complete the course will be given a certificate of completion by World Sushi Skill Institute and a trial set of Japanese ingredients.
Application Prior registration at WORLD SUSHI CUP🄬 official website
No. of Participants 20 people
*Recruitment will be closed once reached capacity.
Lectures content Cooking of sushi rice, fish handling and preparation of food material, slicing of fish (neta),
how to make sushi, hygiene management, demonstrations, and food tasting by Sushi chefs etc.


● About the event

In case of the event is canceled at the request of the Japanese government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government due to the spread of COVID-19, the management office will contact via the official website.
*Please refer to the separate sheet regarding measures against infectious diseases to be implemented at the time of the event.


● Enquiry
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